AmigaOS Release 2 v2.1 disk labels

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In the end of 1992 Commodore circulated a software-only update for it’s Amiga OS Release 2. Version 2.1 of the Amiga OS contained fixes and improvements as well as support for some new drivers and utilities aimed at the more ‘serious’ Amiga users. It was initially shipped with the Amiga 600 but it was also made available for all Amiga models that supported 2.04/2.05 Kickstart ROM (required to run all versions of Amiga OS Release 2).

My recreated set of labels contains both the normal and the international releases of the OS.

Recreated AmigaOS v2.1 disk labels set

You can download the PDF file containing the complete set of disk labels for the AmigaOS v2.1 release in lossless vector format here.

NOTICE: Please note that these labels were recreated from scratch solely with the aim to help the community!