Introducing the Amiga 2000 series

posted-in:  Amiga 2000 Original Commodore Recreated Manual

It’s time for another recreation for the first big box Amiga! While almost nothing changed from the original chipset, the Amiga 2000 was a success with those looking to make use of Amigas in a professional environment. Its massive expansion capabilities and several options of internal hardware upgrades, like CPU accelerators, RAM expansions, hard drive controllers, and other, as well as the infamous Commore Bridgeboards made it much desirable to Amiga users that meant business. Thankfully, for the rest of us that desired Amiga’s superior features in our homes we got the much more affordable Amiga 500!

I present you with the cover recreation of the Introduction to the Amiga 2000 manual!

Introducing the Commodore Amiga 2000 Series manual cover

You can download the recreated vector file here.