AmigaOS Release 2 v2.05 disk labels

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Release 2 was a major update of AmigaOS that was initially introduced along the Amiga 3000 in 1990. The 2.05 version was shipped with the Amiga 600 and supported features such as the PCMCIA slot and its internal IDE interface. Also it was released as a stand alone update for all pre-AGA Amiga models.

My recreated set of labels covers the two different styles of v2.05 disk labels I have found in photos online.

Recreated AmigaOS v2.05 disks labels set

You can download the PDF file containing the complete disk labels set for AmigaOS v2.05 (created in lossless vector format) here.

NOTICE: Please note that these labels were recreated from scratch solely with the aim to help the community!