Retro look never gets old!

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Amiga 1000 and Amiga 3000. Two Amiga models with beautifully designed desktop cases! And what happens if you combine those under a brand new case?

You have the new Checkmate A1500 Plus desktop case by my friend Stephen Jones! Based on the concept of the original Checkmate A1500 case, which allowed you to convert your Amiga 500 into a proper desktop system with expandability options, this new product is designed with both retro looks and modern functionality in mind. It can cater for the needs of many Amiga retro enthusiasts but at the same time for the user wanting to house any mini/micro ATX motherboard and additional modern components.

Go visit for more information and if you are interested in seeing this and other awesome products materialize please consider supporting Steve through his Patreon page.

Until the A1500 Plus is ready to hit the kickstarter phase how about using this vintage-style wallpaper I’ve made in your Workbench / Linux / MacOS / Windows or other OS of your choice?

Checkmate A1500 Plus wallpaper

Grab the full quality 1920×1200 resolution wallpaper here