PiMIGA bootscreen competition

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If you are into enjoying Amiga content through emulation I’m fairly certain you have heard of PiMIGA, a fully loaded distro for the later Raspeberry Pi models aiming to provide a high-quality Amiga experience that’s easy to use and very well configured!

An awesome chap called Chris Edwards has dedicated lots of his free time to develop PiMIGA and offer one great solution for many Amiga fans worldwide that either don’t own original hardware or prefer the convenience and extra functionality offered by emulation running on top of small single-board computers such as the Raspeberry Pis. Chris you have my deepest respect and thanks for your hard work and dedication!

Do not neglect to subscribe on Chris’ YouTube channel to find more info on the PiMIGA development and follow his adventtures on various Amiga-related content and how-tos as well as other interesting projects, retro or not, that he is working on. If you want to support Chris consider becoming a patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ChrisEdwardsRestoration

Chirs is currently working on PiMIGA 2.0 and a few months ago he announced a competition to find some nice bootscreen images to use in this new version. Since I enjoy very much creating any Amiga-themed graphics I grabbed the opportunity to channel my creativity into submitting 4 bootscreen images all of them based onto a custom logo concept I made especially for PiMIGA. Yesterday, Chris held a live stream where he showcased all of the 76 (!!) entries he had received for the competition and announced the winners with the help of the viewers. I was truly humbled and honored when Chris selected one of my entries being among his 5 favorites and later on when with the help of the live stream audience it won the 3rd place in the competition!

Enjoy them bellow and soon you will be able to use them on PiMIGA 2.0 when it is ready and released!

My first entry for the PiMIGA bootscreen competition

My second entry for the PiMIGA bootscreen competition

My third entry for the PiMIGA bootscreen competition

My fourth entry for the PiMIGA bootscreen competition (this won the 3rd place!)