Amiga UNIX

posted-in:  Original Commodore Recreated Boxes

Commodore in their infinite wisdom when trying to position the professional Amiga models in the market of early 90s they decided to produce and market Amiga Unix, also known as Amix.

They ported the AT&T Unix System V Release 4 operating system and bundled it with two “new” Amiga workstations: the Amiga 2500UX and the Amiga 3000UX. The available drivers were supporting only specific hardware expansions and of course it was a commercial failure in the Unix workstation market of the era, completely abandoned after Commodore’s demise. Those lucky enough to own the hardware, have the chance to indulge into curiosity and attempt to explore this true dinosaur of Amiga-compatible OS!

My post today concerns the recreation of the lovely box cover of Amix!

Commodore Amiga UNIX SystemV Release 4 box cover

You can download the losless high resolution PNG file here.