OutRun by SEGA - The driving game

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Released in 1986 OutRun was a driving arcade game designed by Yu Suzuki of SEGA.

The game concept was based on the player driving a cabrio Ferrari Testarossa with a gorgeous blonde girl next to the driver seat, racing over varying and beautifully designed stages against time. The game used a specialy designed hardware basd on SEGA’s System 16 that utilized two 68000 processors and an additional video board that provided enhanced graphic capabilities and extra effects. This resulted a jaw-dropping visual experience for the player with fluid motion and fast action on screem,

Naturally, such a hit arcade title was licensed to be ported in many home ocmputers and consoles. The Amiga was among the machines that received a port of OutRun. Unfortunately, while the Amiga was one of the most advanced home computers of its time, the port was quite poor not living up to the platform’s capabilities or the original arcade game. Still, in my teenage eyes and ears this less-than-mediocre arcade port was looking and sounding amazing! I remember I was delighted that I was able to play this awesome arcade driving game on my Amiga in my own room!

Today’s poster is a retoutched and upscaled of the original game cover that was released on the home computers of the era.

OutRun by SEGA for the Commodore Amiga - poster based on the original game cover

You can download the full resolution 300dpi image in lossless PNG format here.