The golden age of buccaneering!

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Sid Meier’s Pirates! was one of the most popular computer games in the late 80s.

This acclaimed game published by Microprose was originally created for Commodore 64 and soon ported to almost every major computer platform, including the Amiga in 1990. The game put the player in the role of a young buccaneer in the golden age of the Caribbean piracy. Naval battles, sword fighting, plundering, treasure hunting, diplomacy and romance was the order of the day making for a truly addictive gameplay. The Pirates! Gold remake was released on the Amiga CD32 in 1994 with extra missions and an enhanced CD soundtrack. I admit that myself was very much into Pirates! and spend lots of happy hours pirating between Port Royale, Tortuga, Curacao and Santiago!

My CD cover is a reproduction of the game’s original CD32 cover with some small changes.

Pirates! Gold – Amiga CD32 cover

Download the ready to print high quality (300 dpi) images from the following links:

Pirates! Gold – Front Cover
Pirates! Gold – Back Cover