Not a common frog...

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He was a prince transformed to a plain frog by a mean witch but then he managed to become something much more, a hero called… Superfrog!

This cute game was published by Team17 in 1993 and had all the proper ingredients of a hit platformer: fast and buttery-smooth scrolling, great-looking cartoon-style graphics, catchy tunes, mini games, addictive gameplay and lots of levels! Team17 was an experienced Amiga developer and knew how to design and program games that took advantage of the computer’s capabilities to the utmost. Many saw in Superfrog the Amiga’s answer to Sega’s frenzy platformer console hit Sonic The Hedgehog. Myself I love Superfrog and have spent some great hours with it back in the day. I can say that to this very day it is still very playable and lots of fun!

My CD cover is based on the game’s original CD32 cover but also utilizes some elements from the big-box packaging and a few improvisations. I hope you’ll like it and use it!

Superfrog – Amiga CD32 cover

Download the ready to print high quality (300 dpi) images from the following links:

Superfrog – Front Cover
Superfrog – Back Cover