Defender Of The Crown repro

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It is no secret that I’m a big fan of this Cinemaware title that caused some jaws to drop (mine included) with its fantastic cinematic presentation back in 1986.

So the time came to give it a try and create a nice looking repro box complete with disk labels and a manual! Not that easy to create a good looking box using just a home-office A4 inkjet printer (in my case it’s my trusty Canon PIXMA) but while far from perfect the end result is quite nice as you can see in the photo bellow. Not to mention that I had great fun putting my papercrafting skills in the test during the last weeks! My advice is to progress slowly and experiment first with low quality test prints on cheap paper to make sure you got it right before going full quality and using expensive photo paper. Also take great care when folding your printouts to create the box, otherwise cracks may appear. Do your research by watching some videos on the subject (there are tons on YouTube).

The manual is meant to be printed at A4 landscape in duplex mode (printing on both sides). Then you just fold in the middle and create the manual in A5 size. Please note that A5 wont actually fit in my repro box! So if you want to store it inside the box you will have to print scaled at ~85% and then cut ~15mm from the left and right edge, and ~20mm from the top and bottom edge.

For my repro I have touched up images of the cover found in OpenRetro while the game manual was recreated based on the scans provided by Retro Commodore. Both are great online resources for Amiga and other retro gaming stuff and definitely worth a visit.

Defender of the Crown repro box, disk labels and manual for Amiga

Download the high quality (300 dpi) images from the following links:

Defender Of The Crown repro box (front)
Defender Of The Crown repro box (back)
Defender Of The Crown A5 repro manual
Defender Of The Crown disk labels