Suncom Tac-2

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I was lucky enough to source locally in my area a working TAC-2 controller by Suncom. I was looking for one for quite some time mainly because of their great design which I really like and of course for their good reputation as a quality joystick! While I would love to have it boxed unfortunately it came without one. So I simply decided to make a box for it based on the original design. After I located some photos of the OVP online, I shoot some stills of my own Tac-2 and I was ready to re-create the whole original packaging from scratch!

Bellow you can see the result printed in photo paper on my trusty Canon A4 inkjet, glued together and folded in a box shape. I think it came out pretty neat!

Suncom Tac-2 recreated packaging box

You can download the 4-page ISO A4 PDF for printing and making your own Suncom Tac-2 packaging here.