Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets pack

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One of the Amiga CD32 bundles that Commodore released back in 1994 with its first console was the Dangerous Streets pack.

The name of the bundle corresponded to a new Street Fighter clone game by Flair Software that was released for the Amiga CD32 and MS-DOS at the same year. Unfortunately, beyond a flashy cover, the game was way below mediocre and scored very poorly in the reviews of the Amiga press at the time. Ιt really makes one wonder why that particular title was chosen by Commodore to bundle with its newly released 32-bit console. Could it be because CD32 had very few new titles available at launch? Or perhaps Commodore, which at the time was very close to bankruptcy, wasn’t in a position to acquire a decent title? We will probably never know!

The front cover design of the original packaging Commodore used for ths bundle is cartoonish and very colourful. Along with Dangerous Streets the other included titles, namely Diggers, Oscars and Wing Commander, are also displayed on the cover. Here I present you with the result of my work to recreate this cover in very high resolution based solely on photos I’ve found online. So now you have the option to print it, frame it and hang it on your wall!

Amiga CD32 Dangerous Streets pack - Original packaging front cover

You can download the full resolution 600dpi image in lossless PNG format here.