Just upgraded!

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The favorite home computer of the late 80s, the Amiga 500, just upgraded and gained a plus sign!

Amiga 500+ (motherboard revision 8A), produced in late 1991 as the successor of the best-selling 500 model, brought the ECS functionality and Kickstart 2.0x introduced by the Amiga 3000, to the masses. It was discontinued and replaced by the Amiga 600 in summer 1992, making it the shortest lived Amiga model.

The poster you are viewing is an image-processed photo of an actual Amiga 500+ motherboard alive and kicking today, some 26 years after its production. However, all of you owning this beautiful Amiga model have to be warned about the battery leaking issue! Be aware that those barrel-type, 3.6V batteries used by Commodore to power the real-time clock of the motherboard, are prone to leaking and can damage traces and even destroy ICs (like the near-by Gary). You have to desolder this battery as soon as possible (your Amiga continues to function fine without it)!.

Amiga 500+ Your favorite home computer just upgraded!

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.