Expand your Amiga 500

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Even though the Amiga 500 was designed as a stand alone home computer in a compact case, it had quite a few expansions and peripherals available.

Commodore themselves did produce some nice peripherals and expansions for your shiny new Amiga! The most popular got to be the A501 memory expansion that brought the total RAM of your A500 to 1MB. This card was fitted in the Amiga’s expansion slot through a trapdoor in the bottom of the case. It also included a battery-backed real time clock (which unfortunately means that at some point after many years this battery leaks and destroys the traces of the expansion card). Another popular choice for many Amiga owners was a second floppy drive. A real treat for all those multi disks games, enabling users to leave behind the headache of constant disk swapping! Commodore produced a quite bulky floppy drive, the A1010 for the Amiga 1000 and the A1011 for her little sister, the Amiga 500, with a rather elegant design that matches well the 500’s case. I was lucky enough to own an A1011 floppy drive that still is in immaculate condition and works like new.

Of course for the serious users there was available the expensive A590 (connects to the side CPU slot expansion) that provided both a SCSI hard disk with the whopping capacity of 20MB, and additional 2MB of RAM. Also with a beautiful design to match the shape and style of the 500’s case when sitting next to it.

My poster is a re-creation of a Commodore’s print ad about these three popular expansion options for the great Amiga 500 home computer. I hope you will enjoy it!

Poster of Commodore’s expansions & peripherals for the Amiga 500 (left original / right re-created)

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.