The mind of a musician

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Amiga, the computer that works like the mind of a musician!

While the Amiga never reached the popularity of the Atari ST in the music studio production (and that was the result of Atari’s smart move to include built-in MIDI ports) it certainly possessed superior audio hardware.

Paula the Amiga’s custom chip responsible for sound has four independent hardware-mixed 8-bit PCM sound channels, each of which supports 65 volume levels (no sound to maximum volume) and waveform output rates from roughly 20 samples per second to almost 29,000 samples per second. There is even a clever way to get 14-but audio out of the Amiga hardware even though Paula was never designed to do such a thing! You can find more information in this >a href=”” target=”_blank”>great article</a> from Amitopia.

This poster in an original Commodore print ad from 1988 that I love because of its vintage hand-painted style. I was fortunate enough to locate a high quality scan from a magazine of this 2-pages ad. I touched up the image and I have recreated a section that was missing in the scanned poster (right where the 2 adjacent pages were joined in the middle). Also some minor changes were made to turn this into an exact fit for a landscape A4 page.

Enjoy it!

Amiga 500 – The mind of a musician

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.