New kid on the block!

posted-in:  Amiga 500 Original Commodore Recreated Posters

My third poster is a recreation of an original Commodore magazine ad about the most successful Amiga model and my first Amiga computer, the Amiga 500. The little sister of the Amiga 1000 had nothing to envy despite its compact form factor compared to a desktop case. Released two years later, it had all the abilities of the A1000 at almost half the price. I guess that’s whats made it the best selling Amiga model!

The purists among you, will notice that the perspective of the computer is a bit different in the original poster. In the original material the Amiga seems to be in isometric view rather than a photograph with natural optics perspective. So I resorted into using my trusty old A500 as a photo model (yes, it has a German keyboard 😜) and attempted to recreate the original effect with my DSLR and intensive image editing & processing! While the end result is not exactly the same, I am really pleased with it and I think it is really close to the original.

For the A590 hard drive expansion, as I don’t own one to photo-shoot (however donations happily accepted 😎), I recreated it from scratch in Photoshop. Not trivial work but much easier than doing the same for the entire A500…

Hope you’ll appreciate it as mush as I enjoyed making it!

Amiga 500 The new kid on the block: Original (left) / Recreated (right)

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.