Amiga 500 Screen Gems pack

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The Screen Gems bundle with the Amiga 500 computer was released in the fall of 1990 by Commodore UK.

This pack was clearly taregetting gamers and included four game titles, namely Days of Thunder, Back to the Future II, The Night Breed and Shadow of the Beast II. It was no coincidence that the first three games were based on hit movies that were released just a few months before the bundle was made available for purchase. Certainly this was the reason behind the pack naming! Along with the games Commodore bundled also the obligatory Amiga-hit drawing program Deluxe Paint II.

The bundle was released as a sleeve over the standard Amiga 500 original packaging. Here I have recreated the sleeveā€™s front cover for you to enjoy and feel a spark of nostalgia!

Amiga 500 Screen Gems pack - Original packaging front cover

You can download the full resolution 300dpi image in lossless PNG format here.