Two new members of the family

After the launch of the Amiga, Commodore introduced two additional models in 1987: its compact little sister the Amiga 500 and the all-business looking Amiga 2000.

My latest poster is a recreation of an original Commodore 2-pages wide print ad that was published in the Amiga magazines of the era. There was a time when Commodore was trying to push all 3 models together, supposedly each addressing a different market. In one glorious photo the ad includes almost all available hardware, expansions and peripherals of the Amiga family produced by Commodore at the time. I’m a big fan of all original Amiga-branded packaging and hardware that Commodore initially produced for the Amiga!

This specific recreation took almost two-and-a-half years to be completed. During that time I was working on and off on it, trying to locate online approriate photos of all the original packaging and patiently recreating the tens of different boxes used! It was tedious and frustrating at times but also lots of fun so I kept going back to work on it over various - longer or shorter - breaks. I believe the final result justifies the effort and time spent on this lovely Amiga poster!

Introducing two new members of the Amiga family: Original Commodore print-ad (top) / Recreated poster (bottom)

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.