It runs in the family!

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Although Commodore never seemed to found a concrete direction to push the Amiga’s marketing strategy, it’s without saying that from its inception this computer had the capability to attract the creative crowd.

The availability of numerous software packages aiming at content creators that made their debut on the Amiga, or their Amiga version was much enhanced compared to other platforms, is a solid proof of that concept. The splendid Amiga 3000 model, released on 1990, offered powerful workstation performance combined with the Amiga’s great multimedia features that indeed allowed a new level of digital creativity freedom to it’s users. The established Amiga productivity software library had lots of quality options that users could utilize to create digital content. Packages like NewTek’s Digi-Paint 3, Broderbund’s Fantavision, MicroIllusions’s Music-X or Disney’s Animation Studio are just a small selection of the many available creativity titles.

So yeash, I guess for the Amiga line of computers the common link is creativity! After all, it runs in the family!

Amiga 3000 Poster – Creativity. It runs in the family!

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.