Imagine the possibilities

posted-in:  Amiga 1200 Own Creation Posters

My latest poster concerns the lovely Amiga 1200 model. While it is true that the introduction of the AGA chipset, that this model is equiped with, was “too little, too late” to allow Amiga to compete in the early 90s home computer market with cheap PC compatibles and new generation gaming consoles, the 1200 is a great compact system to own for any Amiga fan! Adding a relative cheap fast RAM trapdoor expansion and using some flash storage media on the internal IDE port you can turn it into a mean WHDL-compatible machine that can run almost any title of the wide Amiga games library.

The awesome pixel art displayed on the 1084S monitor is called “Shattered Harmony” and is created by the demo artist Prowler. It won the first place in Datastorm 2011 Amiga-graphics compo. You can check out Prowler’s superb artwork here

Commodore Amiga 1200: Imagine the possibilities poster

You can download the full resolution 300dpi image at ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.