Built-in magic tricks!

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Its time for another poster for the beloved Amiga 1200!

It would probably be nice if back in the day Commodore had flooded the computer magazines of the time with similar full-page ads about the A1200 and its various software bundles. Certainly it could improve the sales of this great home computer and perhaps give some much needed push to Commodore’s declining hold of the home computer market.

Today’s poster is based on one of my own ideas for a promotional ad about A1200. As you can see I’ve included the four most common packs Commodore released for the 1200: Desktop Dynamite; Comic Relief; Computer Combat and Race ‘N’ Chase. These bundles, with their colorful packaging and variety of included titles, were also very popular with the A500 and A600 and proved helpful to boost Amiga sales in the home market.

I hope it will find a spot along other Amiga art on the walls of your retro caves!

Amiga 1200 – Built-in magic tricks!

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.