A computer for the 90s

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Today’s poster is about the Amiga 1200 model. Released in 1992 it was the next generation Amiga home model meant as the successor to the top selling Amiga 500. While sporting the AA chipset (AGA), which was the first serious attempt – that made it to the market- by Commodore to improve the original Amiga specifications, it is generally believed that it was too little and too late an effort. Nevertheless it was a cool all-in-one design with lots of expandability options and today it is still a favorite machine for many Amiga retro enthusiasts!

This poster art is my own concept, meaning is not based on official Commodore material. Except the text which was part of an original Commodore UK ad about the Amiga 1200. Although I’m sure it would be a hot-selling product if it was real, the Commodore arcade-like joystick present in the image exists only in my imagination!

I hope it will find a spot along other Amiga art on the walls of your retro man-cave!

Amiga 1200 – A home computer for the 90s

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.