Amiga - reintroducing color fidelity to home computer graphics!

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Last weekend I felt again the Amiga creative urge and an idea for an original poster came into shape!

My creative process from ideation to realization included building a simple paper craft of the Commodore chicken lips logo, staging a photo, making a pencil drawing based on that and then doing further digital image processing and laying out the pieces of the final composition.

The concept revolves around the fact that almost every home computer of the era (early 80s) was monochrome or using a very limited color palette. Then, came the Commodore Amiga and introduced a new quality level in computer graphics at an affordable price level (at least for the home computing market). This poster highlights exactly this contrast attempting to intrigue the interest of the viewer about a newly launched computer called the ‘Amiga’!

Amiga - reintroducing color fidelity to home computer graphics

You can download the full resolution 300dpi image in lossless PNG format here.