Chiptunes on the move!

posted-in:  Amiga 1000 Own Creation Posters

Sony released their original Walkman portable cassette player in 1979 and they truly changed the music listening habits of a whole generation!

The first tracking software, “The Ultimate Soundtracker” by Krasten Obarski was built for the Amiga in 1987. What if Sony decided to tap on the power of computer synthesized music via tracking tools and build a player to support this concept? Wouldn’t be cool if Sony seized the opportunity to support playback of user-created digital music and cooperate with big names of the home computer market such was Commodore? Based on this “what if” scenario I have created a poster ad for the first micro floppydisk portable player by Sony able to playback mod tunes the users could create on their Amiga computers!

Now imagine to be able to listen to your favorite chiptunes on the move back in the 80s!

The first micro floppydisk portable music player by Sony!

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size image in lossless PNG format here.