That special bonding

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Recently my beloved father passed away. It was him that, 30 years ago, gave me my first Amiga as a Christmas present. And even before that, back in 1983, he was the one that bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum and of course let his little boy tinker with it! He was one that recognized early the value of technology and of those who could handle computers. And he sought to deliver this future to his child.

And I’m grateful for this. For giving me the chance to use, program and play with computers when few around me had even an idea what a computer was. But most of all grateful for having him in my life all those years. He taught me and gave me so much. Made a significant part of who I am today.

Today’s Amiga poster is my own creation reflecting that special father-son bond.

Amiga – Special bonding

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.

You are always in my thoughts, dad.