The power to inspire!

Without a doubt Amiga’s advanced graphics, animation and sound capabilities were a source of inspiration for lots of its users.

Lots of creativity software were developed able to exploit Amiga’s custom chips and innovative design, that for its time offered some amazing features at an incredible value to the user. Titles like Graphicraft, Deluxe Paint, Photon Paint, Brilliance!, Disney Animation Studio, Art Department Pro, Sculpt 3D, TruboSilver/Imagine, Real3D, LightWave, Deluxe Music Construction Set, Soundtracker, ProTracker, OctaMED, AMOS, BlitzBasic, SCALA and many others, opened a new vast world of content creation possibilities to Amiga owners.

From what I’ve seen there are enough people today involved professionally with music, video, design and of course ICT in general that back in the days were passionate Amiga owners. So, this poster is my small tribute to that creativity wave that Amiga made possible to be unleashed upon lots of teenage users back in the late 80s and early 90s.

Amiga – The power to inspire poster

You can download the full resolution 300dpi ISO A4 size in lossless PNG format here.